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A new president has been elected in Haiti.  President Preval’s election February 7th brought an abrupt halt to the kidnapping and killings that plagued Port-au-Prince the past twelve months. 

Jim Henderson and Reg King, HMO board members, will return to Haiti April 13th-19th.  They will visit the three village schools (900 kids) that HMO sponsors and the Arnaud remote mountain clinic HMO also operates.  This clinic is the only medical care for 20,000 people except for the “Hoogan” or “Voodoo” doctor.  The village elders recently extended the HMO clinic agreement an additional ten years.  This clinic has a nucleus of Adventist Christian nurses and school administrator.  The three young Haitian women have earned the respect of the village area and Jesus wanted it to continue in this dark voodoo area.

Jim and Reg will also be making arrangements for a dental/construction group of fifteen to come to the clinic in late summer of 2006.  If you want to sign-up for this trip contact Reg or Jim for the details. 
HMO is sponsoring the training of four Haitian young men “apprentices” for technical training of thirteen to fifteen months in the United States.  We are scheduling these men into several trade school areas of training:

     -Diesel Engine Repair/Electrical Generators
     -Electrical/ Electronics
     -Refrigerators/Solar Applications
     -Welding, Fabrication, Shop Tools.

These men when trained, will be under contract for six years to HMO for teaching in a new
trade school in Haiti.  Reg and Jim have been asked by ADRA, IAD, Haitian Union and UNAH (Adventist University Haiti) to meet again and work out the trade school challenges.  With the new UNAH board and president, there is renewed interest in this critically needed program.  These Haitian technicians will operate the new generators power plant Harry Beech helped design for the Adventist Hospital and that HMO constructed.

    Please pray for Reg and Jim on this trip to give them wisdom, humbleness and safety.
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