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Come and be inspired with an “I can do this” attitude.

Reset Your Life
The 6-Week Challenge to a Better You

Beginning April 25, 7:00 p.m.


With over 700 scientific studies demonstrating that the most feared diseases are caused by the standard American diet, isn’t it time we learn to apply the 8 simple laws of health, preventing these diseases?

“Reset Your Life” is a 2-part program that will inspire you with how simple, delicious and enjoyable a healthy lifestyle is. The first 5 sessions focus on the prevention of disease through the application of the 8 laws of health. An emphasis on growing healthy families will be included. The second 5 weeks will focus on the treatment of specific diseases with the proven benefits of the 8 laws of health.

This multi-dimensional program will provide skills and insights for healthy living that will motivate, inform, and inspire you, creating a desire to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle has been shown in 100’s of thousands of people’s lives to prevent or reverse many of societies concerns including heart disease, diabetes and its complications, high blood pressure, and obesity. Come and be inspired to adopt an “I can do this” attitude, reaping a longer, more productive life complete with health, a clear mind, and the energy to enjoy it.