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Adult Study Classes 9:30 am       Children & Youth 9:30 am

Discussion Based
Library Class
Deep Bible study & discussion in the Church Library.

Sanctuary Class
Russell Mallot & John Hagele provide a challenging and
provocative discussion of the day's lesson study topic located in the Sanctuary.

Women's Class

A lively discussion of the day's lesson study will bring encouragement and fellowship to the ladies who attend.


Children & Youth
Children's Sabbath Schools
At 9:30 am each Saturday morning, age-specific Bible Classes are offered. This includes Cradle Roll (0-4 yrs), Kindergarten (5-7 yrs), Primary (grades 1-4), and Juniors (grades 5-7).

Earliteen (grades 8-9)
Meets in the earliteen room, the Earliteen Bible Study discusses challenging topics designed to help students develop a positive relationship with God.

Pastor's Bible Class
A great place for new believers, the Pastor's discussion of the day's lesson brings great insight in ways sensitive to newborn christian's needs. Meets
in the Training Chapel.

Pastor Tim McMillen and youth leaders provide a Sabbath School experience specially focused on the needs of the Youth.

Multi-language Class
Spanish Class
The growing spanish class meets in the Fellowship Hall. A spanish worship service follows Sabbath School.
To view the Bible Study lesson which is used in most of our classes, click here: