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Belize Diary- Friday
Where we started on Sunday
What we completed by Friday
While we did not complete the second building, we came close enough that the local churchmembers felt they could finish it. It was getting dark as our roofing crew finally gave up and surrendered their screw guns. They tried really hard, putting in 10-12 hours days trying to get the rafters on and the roof completed. Even so, as we stepped back and looked at all that had been accomplished, we felt good. School will open in this building very soon.

The Punta Gorda SDA School is held in a small, worn out building behind an ailing SDA church in town. Even with that, they have 100 students. Moving to this new school will be a big boost for them and should cause it to grow rapidly.

The ceilings were completed in building 1 and about half of them in building 2. Many helped paint the ceiling panels prior to this team attaching them to the ceiling.


This is the large end room in building #2. Keith finished the electrical in building 1 and almost completed it in building 2.  Reg tested the lights in building 1 late Friday afternoon, and they all worked great.

The next step is to get the solar panels installed and working. These are leaning up against the wall in the Mechanical Room at the front end of building 2. The electrical panel and batteries were installed and ready.

Reg didn't want to install the solar panels until the iron security grid he had custom made could be installed at the same time, so they didn't end up becoming someone elses nice power plant. Reg King and Jim Henderson stayed a couple extra days to try to finish some of these tasks.
Reg is drilling and installing the steel security doors for the mechanical room. To his left are the uninstalled solar panels, batteries and inverter that will provide free electricity to the school.

 This painting crew is painting black rust-o-leum paint on the security bars that were welded for the windows.


Reg hired some of the local men to help spread dirt that was trucked in. Between the school buildings, it was a bit of a swamp. So Reg brought in several truckloads of dirt to fill and enable drainage.

The bathrooms that Bill Fox spent the week plumbing are the nicest bathrooms that any of us saw in the town of Punta Gorda. Bill worked hard and did a great job of providing these fine bathrooms.

The tile work was done by local tilesetters.
If you will notice on the left end of this building, you will see the privacy walls that were installed outside the girls and boys bathrooms on the end of building 1. These were built by local men who have lots of experience working with block and stucco.

 Leaving Our Imprint
 Each concrete pad outside the classrooms was imprinted with one of the leaf patterns from natural plants from the area. But one imprint touches our hearts deeply as we lovingly remember Kent Durden.