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Belize Diary- Tuesday
Wet Weather & Workers
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday started with major downpours that slowed work and limited our ability to complete tasks like painting. As the day wore on, the weather cleared leaving high humidity and light winds.
     With quite a few people pulling off the construction site by 11 am to shower and prepare to go to the villages in the afternoons, the ability of that group to accomplish their tasks was limited.
     Shown to the left: Between the school buildings was some low ground that collected water. DG-type dirt was brought in to fill this area and make it suitable to grow grass.
 Tuesday was the day for setting trusses. This project turned out to be slow and tedious, ending up taking a couple days. The guys put in long hours the rest of the week trying to finish off the roof of this second building.

A fork lift was used to lift the trusses up, then the guys walked them across to their location, inverting them until they were ready to raise and secure them.
Over in the first building, the underside of the trusses was being prepared for the installation of the ceiling board. The 4x8 sheets had been prepainted during the preceeding days.

Below, Nat's T-shirt says, "I'm really excited to be here." Like Nat, the team came to work hard and complete a school for the local children --and they were glad to be there doing the work. This was not a disguised vacation, they came to work and accomplish something. -And they did!

Bill Fox kept busy getting the plumbing in the bathrooms hooked up and working. We had water to the site by Wednesday. We think this school has the nicest restrooms in town.
Mark Heinrich covered up while it rained, and kept working.

Above: Dave and Alex worked on spreading concrete poured for the step outside the classrooms.

Left: In spite of wet clothing, spirits were high as they sang during morning worship, held at the jobsite.

Most of this group went to the villages in the afternoon to help with VBS and meet the village kids.
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