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Belize Diary- Monday  
Breakfast at the SeaFront Inn

Each morning, those who are staying in the SeaFront Inn are receiving a great breakfast in the third floor restaurant between 7 and 8 am.

Nancy Henderson uses this time to get meals organized for the day, as there were a variety of schedules and needs.
Mayan Mother Carrying Baby

This Mayan mother came up to the kitchen in the restaurant and several of us got to check out her method of carrying her baby. We peeked inside and the baby boy was awake and feeling quite secure. The mother supports the back pack around the top of her head. Kind of makes my neck sore thinking about it.
 On the Job on Monday  
Monday morning, Howard and others started setting forms to pour concrete for the steps outside each classroom. The concrete was poured on Tuesday.

Mark Heinrich and others worked to build the trusses for the second building. For a couple days, very little was seen from their labors, as they were cutting wood prior to assembling. On Tuesday, almost all the trusses were built and ready for a fork lift to lift them to the wall tops on Wednesday morning.
 Monday Afternoon We Are Off to the Villages
For most of us, Monday was the first day to go to the villages. The drive was about an hour of mostly bumpy, rutty road. As we got farther into the jungle, our mouths started to drop open because of the incredible beauty. Banana plantations covered many of the hills, along with foliage that was so thick it looked impossible to get through.
     Our first meetings were to be held in the Community Center of Santa Cruz. As we entered the building, we scoped it out and decided where to hold the eye clinic, VBS, and the Bible Meeting.
     As we were getting set up, children and their parents came streaming out of the jungle. Graciano made sure it was well publicized. We were told that about 200 villagers attended the first meeting. We gave away new Bibles to everyone, along with Steps to Christ. Garrison gave a well-presented talk on God as Creator, illustrated with a powerpoint presentation. The village had no power, so the keyboard, PA system and projector were powered by a quiet generator.