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Belize Diary- Sunday  
The Work Begins   
     When we arrived at the Punta Gorda school site, I was a bit confused, as I thought we were here to build a school in or near Graciano's village.

Here's the story. About 4 years ago, an SDA church in Connecticut started this school. They passed it off to the Sonora Church group the following year who completed it to this stage. As you can see, these are very nice buildings and have been well done.
     Apparently, with conflicting stories flying, there was some sort of rift between the Adventist pastor and the Sonora group and the school was never finished. It has been sitting in this stage for about 2 years.
    When Reg went to get a building permit to build the school in San Antonio, he was told that we had to finish this school and prove that we could complete and operate a school, before they'd grant us permission to build another.

     This school has the Central American SDA conference's approval and the local conference will operate this school. For us, however, the cost and amount of work needed to build the school in San Antonio doubled due to having to complete this school first. The money was quickly raised before we left. Materials were ordered and we are making good progress. Reg made it plain that this school is to be completed for school next Monday morning, as, upon Reg's promise of completion, the government gave us tentative approval to begin the San Antonio school.

Fun Job!

This job isn't as bad as one might imagine. This septic tank has never been used, thus the boys are lifting water (probably rain water) out before the toilets are hookup up.
Our Fearless Head of Painting Crew

Lavonne Anderson did a great job of keeping the painting crew organized and moving forward. The second building needed painting inside and out. Wow! What a difference paint makes. Peggy Campbell climbs the ladder to paint the top of the wall.
     One of the classrooms was painted lavendar. There was some discussion as to whether kids could actually learn in such a boldly colored classroom.

Our Own OSHA Official      :-)

Don Anderson was apparently in charge of job safety. On the first day of work, following worship, we were encouraged to be careful, wear hardhats and workgloves, and go home without injury. Considering that we often had little skill or experience in what we were doing, the encouragement to be cautious was probably appropriate. Men doing specific construction tasks were asked to wear hardhats--actually, I think we all were asked to wear hardhats.

A Visit to Graciano's Home
     While most of us were sweating it out on the jobsite, our 'tribal leaders' went to Graciano's home to make sure everything was set for VBS, Eye Clinic and Bible Meetings.

Below: Our Tribal Leaders in the Jungle

Graciano is one of the wealthier members of his village, having an "American" home rather than the thatched huts many of the people live in. Below is Graciano's brother's home.
The One that Got Away

This embarrased, naked chicken appears to have been plucked and made ready for cooking, but somehow escaped becoming someone's dinner. Maybe this is why chickens are usually plucked AFTER loosing their heads.  (photo compliments of Sarah Griesert)