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God always has the big picture in view,
even when we are tangled and buried
in the events of our lives.


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Have you ever observed people making choices that seemed silly to you? We can't see the complicated issues that others are struggling with. But from our position, we often CAN see the big picture that they can't. If they would only step back and look at the effect their actions are having on their life, would they really continue to make those choices?

God often views our lives in this way. If we would only step back and view our lives from a big picture perspective, would we really want to make some of the choices we are making today? Would we so wrecklessly dive into things that look exciting on the outside if we could see where they get us down the road?

Deciding to follow God says that we trust that He can see our lives from a perspective that we can't. Following God is TRUSTING God to lead us where we would go if we could see what He sees.

Are we to follow God blindly? No, not hardly. God will reveal to us as much as we are able to understand. The more we learn about God and His ways, the more we appreciate His leadership in our lives.

How do we learn more about God's leading?

     (1) God has provided a book, 'The Bible,' that reveals His leading since the world began until about 30 years after His son, Jesus's, death on the cross near Jerusalem. The Biblical account covers a period of some 4,000 years.

     (2) At creation, God set aside a period of time each week for us to spend with Him. Its a time for study and the nurturing of our relationship with Him and others. He called it the 'Sabbath.' God is a living being that desires to be trusted, loved and respected by us. He wants us to draw near to Him regularly so He can fill us with His love and understanding. He wants us to gather with other followers of God to study the Bible and share stories of God's leading in our lives. These stories build our trust in God. This trust is called, 'faith.' To go to heaven, we must place our faith in God to lead our lives today and forever.

God always keeps the big picture in view. Following God, sometimes through difficult circumstances, fills us with a sense of peace in the midst of life's storms. We know Who is in control and we know that God is leading us to heaven.

Do you want to learn more about God's leading?

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