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Love comes from the heart of God
into the hearts of those who practice forgiveness
and choose to follow God.
It is the most powerful source of healing in our world.


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'Love' is a word that is used in many ways. Behind our 'colored glasses' we often see only a small part of what love is. We often settle for something that presents itself as love, but once we open the box, it is empty--or even worse, causes more pain and suffering.

The kind of love that God puts in a clean heart is the love that has great power to heal. You will want to learn how to drink deeply of God's love to heal your own wounds and those of people around you.

Do you remember what was stated in Principle 1?

There is no more powerful change one can make to improve their life than to change their own mind.

Remember to forgive and ask forgiveness often, --from God and those around you. Once your heart is cleansed from the entanglements and suffering of sin, you are free to follow God. You don't have to be perfect to make that choice.

Making the choice to follow God is the second step to removing the 'colored glasses' that discolor your world. As God shows you the truth about the world He created and the sin that is destroying it, you will be better able to follow Him through this world, all the way to heaven.

Choosing to follow God is as simple as closing your eyes and asking God to lead you. Just say, "God, I am beginning to see life differently than I ever have. I need you to lead me through life. I want to go to heaven and live with You. So I choose to follow you beginning now. Amen."

Do you want to know why following God is so important?

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