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Forgiving others and being forgiven by others
our burden of suffering and guilt.
Only Jesus can completely remove the burden.


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People often experience so much relief from forgiving others and being forgiven, that they do not explore yet, another dimension of forgiveness--the hope of someday living in a world full of love, beauty and unmatched happiness.

Pain and suffering are the result of sin. Sin is rebellion against God's kingdom of love, often causing us to be unkind and insensitive to the needs of people around us. We all sin. No one is without sin. We all need forgiveness. We all need to forgive others. But there is another dimension.

Forgiveness is the powerful practice Jesus offers us to keep this world's pain and suffering from dragging us down with all the burdens and entanglements associated with sin. We need God to forgive us for contributing to the sin in this world He created.

It is really very simple to ask God for forgiveness. You simply close your eyes and say, "God, I have done wrong in many ways, often in ways I don't understand and may not have intended. Please forgive me. Amen."

How is it that God can forgive our sins?

God's son, Jesus, left heaven and became a man and lived among people like us about 2000 years ago. He taught them that we are to pray and follow God's ways to avoid sin. He taught that if we love and follow God, someday, God will take us to a wonderful place called 'heaven.' We will live with God, surrounded by loving people, beauty, peace and unbelievable joy.

Only sinless people could go to heaven, though. So Jesus, a perfect and sinless man, took all our sins upon himself and died the death that we all deserve to die. In so doing, he died so that we could live with God in heaven. Thru Jesus, our sins can be forgiven and we can stand before God as sinless and worthy of heaven.

How can I learn to follow God?

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