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Forgiveness is the process of clearing
our mind and heart
of all we think is owed to us by others and life.


Principle One

Nobody plays by the 'rules' all the time. Choices we make often benefit some people around us and cause discomfort or hardship to others. Sometimes it just has to be that way.

We are often on the receiving end of pain and suffering because of other people's choices. The choices and actions of others cause benefit to some and discomfort or hardship to others. When we experience pain or loss, we often look to blame someone else for it to relieve our fear that we may be responsible for bringing it on ourselves.

Blaming others for our pain and suffering can weigh heavy on us, causing us to make some unfortunate choices that do not benefit our lives. Did you know that blame is where much of the pain comes from? This burden of blame darkens the color of our 'glasses' causing our view of life to be even farther from reality.

But what should we do with this burden of blame that often grows into anger and bitterness?

     (1) We can resign ourselves to carrying this burden, fogging our perception of life around us, altering our choices in ways that are not beneficial to our lives; or

     (2) We can forgive those who hurt us and be left with a small, but manageable scar.

Did you know that many people consciously choose the heavy burden? Their view of the situation often convinces them that they gain something they want, like revenge, by carrying this increasingly painful burden. It sometimes seems that carrying this burden somehow protects them from getting hurt again. They think that 'payback' is the only way to get through the problem, all the while getting deeper and deeper into something that destroys their hope of happiness and joy in life.

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful choices we can make to 'clear' our view of life. It enables us to see things more clearly, making better choices based on a clear head and a better attitude about life. It frees our mental capacity and reasoning powers to explore paths of living and thinking that bring joy and expand our boundaries to include almost limitless possibilities.

But there's even more power to be found in forgiveness.

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