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There is no more powerful change
one can make to improve their life
than to change their mind.


We all view life through 'colored glasses.' What we believe about life alters our perception of what we experience. We 'color' what we see and experience by tinting it with our beliefs and attitudes. These beliefs are based on our interpretation of previous life experiences.

Have you ever met someone who just didn't see things right or at least the same way you do? What if there was a way to 'clear up' a person's perception of life's events? What if we were able to view what is going on without our biases and preconceived ideas? Is that possible?

To do that, we have to have a new and better set of beliefs. If we presently believe something is harmful, we will react with caution. If we believe something is good for us, we will readily accept it and even pursue it.

But are our belief's correct? What if the 'harmful' thing is actually good for us? What if the 'good' thing brings only shortterm satisfaction but ultimately leads to pain and suffering?  What we believe directly influences the way we act or react in all situations. Our beliefs have a very powerful effect on our lives.

Hundreds of years ago, when people thought the world was flat, they feared exploration, fearing that they might fall off the edge of the world. As their understanding that the world was round began to take hold, adventurous people began to explore and discover new parts of the world they inhabited.

Are there parts of your world that would open to you if you gained an expanded understanding of how things really are? Let's explore some basic issues that hold many people within tightly contained boundaries.

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